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Oil filter powder

Oil filter powder





 Odorless, white powder

 Active Component (SiO2), %


 Active Component (MgO), %


 Loss on Drying (105°C, 2h), %


 Bulk Density, g/L




Magnesium Silicate is manufactured by reacting sodium silicate and soluble magnesium. It is a fine, white, odourless powder commonly known as “talc” when hydrated. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as an anticaking agent for tablet compression and in food it finds numerous uses after being generally recognised safe by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and the SCF (Scientific Committee of Food) due to its very low rate of absorption and with no indication of toxicity or developmental toxicity. Magnesium Silicate is authorised as a food additive and it finds itself useful in a variety of application such as animal and vegetable oil, sugar, resins, odors, as an anti-caking agent and other filler substances such as paper, rubber, ceramic and glass. The magnesium silicate market is expected to grow during the aforementioned forecast period with the increase use of magnesium silicate by various industries.

Regularly filtering your fryer oil is important for any restaurant, bar, commercial kitchen or fast food establishment serving fried food. Oil filter powder improves the filtering abilities of fryer oil filtering machines by helping to remove harmful sediments, acids, carbon and other deposits that get left behind in your oil filter. This powder extends the life of your cooking oil or shortening which means you don't need to replace your fryer oil as often, saving your restaurant money. This powder is used in addition to deep fryer filter paper, because it removes the finer particles and absorbs the acidic solutions and carbon deposits which filter paper does not do.

Proper Shipping Name: Oil Filter Aid / Magnesium Silicate
Packing: Net 20kg/bag, 25bags(0.5 mt)/pallet, total 16 pallets(8 mt) in 1*20' container, also our packing can be customized.