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Calcium Peroxide

Calcium Peroxide 

  • Chemical Name: Calcium Peroxide  Oxygen Release Compound,
  • Synonyms: Calcium Dioxide, Calcium Superoxide, PermeOx Plus
  • Molecular Formula: CaO2
  • Molecular Weight: 72.08
  • CAS Number: 1305-79-9

Product Specifications




Pale yellow  powder

Available Oxygen, %

16 .0Min./13.0Min./11.0Min

Assay  CaO2, %

75 Min./60 Min./50 Min.

Moisture, %

2.0 Max.

pH Value


Bulk Density, g/L


Particle Size Distribution,%

Through 100 mesh


Through 200 mesh

50 Max

    Product Application

    Calcium Peroxide is a fine, very pale yellow, odorless powder that consists primarily of calcium peroxide, the balance consists of calcium hydroxide. Commerically, calcium peroxide is used as a source of slow but at "controlled" rate oxygen release compound in a variety of applications such as contaminated soil/underground water aerobic bioremediation and agricultural application. Our calcium peroxide is storage stable under normal warehouse temperature and could be guaranteed the assay content of 75% minimum which is equivalent to active oxygen of 16.7% the first 300 days since we are using high purity raw materials(some kind of food grade) to insure a high purity product with no heavy metals.Only when calcium peroxide is hydrated, it will be discomposed and release the active oxygen as per you want. Calcium peroxide is easy to obtain at lower cost against other availabe hydrocarbon biodegradation materials.

    Note: Aerobic Bioremediation is the practice of adding oxygen to groundwater and/or soil to increase the number and vitality of indigenous microorganisms performing biodegradation, calcium peroxide and magnesium peroxide is offten used as injection material.

    Calcium Peroxide is specially formulated for Shrimp Farm / Aquaculture improves productivity of Shrimp Farms through better management of pond water and soil quality. We developed fast sink type product which is granlues form for your final application refer to Calcium Peroxide Granlue

    Calcium peroxie is able to improve oxygen supply to rice seeds, please refer to the article by click rice seed coating


    • Proper Shipping Name: Calcium Peroxide
    • Class: 5.1 Oxidizer
    • UN Number: 1457
    • EMS: F-A, S-Q


    25kg woven polypropylene bags with inner polyethylene liner (UN approved), or 25kg fiberboard drums. We can support some private label business.