About us

For almost 30 years ,JieHua Corporation has envisioned the future of performance materials ,chemicals and catalysts through collaborative innovation ,making products that touch all of us , every day.


Jiehua Chemical is dedicated to supplying the world market with the best, newest, and the most environmentally benign chemicals. Everyday, our staff keeps an eye on the industry development and pays full attention to understanding and listening to customers?needs. We strive to be our customers?first choice. Our strategy is to specialize in peroxides to maintain a sustainable growth. Our vision to build the leadership in this industry is based on our overall expertise on peroxides. By providing the world market with our environmentally friendly and human benefiting quality products, Jiehua Chemical realize is social responsibility as a corporate citizenship of embracing the nature and cherish our society.


Our peroxides series has a wide range of applications including usages in cleaning industry, pulp and paper industry, textile industry, environmental protection, food processing, agriculture, aquiculture, petrochemistry, pharmacy, metallurgy, etc. Those products are sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate, magnesium peroxide, calcium peroxide, zinc peroxide, potassium monopersulfate, urea hydrogen peroxide, thiourea dioxide, tetra acetyl ethylene diamine, synthetic magnesium silicate adsorbent, etc. The company boasts of the largest sodium percarbonate manufacturer in Asia-Pacifica with an annual capability of 100,000 mt. Jiehua Chemical is also one of the leading manufacturer of magnesium peroxide, calcium peroxide, sodium perborate and tetra acetyl ethylene diamine.

Better Support

As always, Jiehua Chemical focuses on maintaining a powerful and productive R&D team to develop new technologies, to solve the ever-changing customer needs and to make itself fully qualified for the harsh competitions. This R&D team includes the Lihua Chemical Laboratories and Shangyu TCM Biotech Laboratories, and involves the participation of major universities and national laboratories. By the end of January 2003, Jiehua Chemical owns 15 patents. The company has developed a complete system of key technologies and know-how with proprietary intellectual property. In June 2003, two of its products, sodium percarbonate and TAED, were listed in the China Torch Program.


Jiehua Chemical is committed to providing customers with quality products and service to meet or exceed their needs and expectations and help them realize their target values. It is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company.
The integrity of our products, our service, and our commitment to our customers are central to everything we do. Our unchanging will and commitment to continued growth encourage us to run this business with an innovative mind as well as with all of our efforts. In retrospect of our history, we feel proud for what we achieved. Those glories drive us to work hard to exceed ourselves and meet the upcoming challenges. The company always strives for the best in this industry and endeavors to the be the most reliable peroxides supplier in the global market. Jiehua Chemical, simply your reliable world business partner!


Our Mission
Keep profitable growth, sustainable development.
Bear the full responsibility for our shareholders, employees, customers and the society.

Our Vision
To be a first-rated chemical raw material supplier.

Our Ambition
To be a China based chemical giant in the world.

Our Strategy
Specialize in peroxides to maintain a sustainable growth.

Business Conduct Philosophy
Human focused management; Constant creation and innovation; Persistence in honesty and integrity; Complete utilization of opportunities and chances

Corporate Spirits
Tenacity of purpose; Down-to-earth style; Full participation; Constant pursuit for perfection.

Interpersonal Relationship & Work Style

Interpersonal Relationship - Equality, Trust, Appreciation, Intimacy

Equality: Respect yourself and believe in yourself. Recognize the dignity of the individual, respect and trust each other. There’s no difference of gentle and simple job, but the difference of responsibility and type of work.
Trust: Make yourself to be reliable, trustworthy and faithful. Show your trust in others and encourage others to shoulder responsibility.
Appreciation: Set a high standard for yourself to exceed others’ expectation. Appreciate others’ achievement and excellency. Always treat others with admiration and presume everyone to be excellent.
Intimacy: Open yourself to others and let them know your trouble and needs. Place yourself in other’s position to recognize their feeling and identify their needs, let them know that you’re ready to help them.

Work Style - Earnestness, Strictness, Initiative, Efficiency & Effectiveness
Earnestness: Pursue perfection and meticulosity, Keep an earnest and responsible mind while in work.
Strictness: Strictly discipline yourself, your colleague and the working procedure. Perform rigorous management as well as rewards and punishment.
Initiative: Voluntarily undertake assignment and responsibility. Be active to identify problems and then put them right. Ardently and regularly communicate with your colleagues.
Efficiency & Effectiveness: No-wait work style; Arrange assignment rationally, draw a schedule, define the primary and secondary. Strive for efficiency and effectiveness.

Code of Business

In retrospect of our history, we feel proud not only that we’ve achieved a fast and sound growth, but also our well-established reputation takes root in our customers, industry and the society. This reputation is an asset, just as real and valuable as our company, people and brands.

The company rank the tenth in scale benefit of the industrial enterprises in Shangyu(2003-02-14)
The Jiehua Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd listed the top 8 export companies(2003-02-11)
The company has achieved the ISO14001:1996 Certificate of Environment Management System(2003-01-05)
The company is appraised as the Grade A Creditable Ratepaying Enterprise of 2001(2003-01-05)
President Tao Huaxi has won the election as the director of the Zhejiang Non-gonvenmental S&TEA(2003-01-05)
We have achieved the 'Hi-Tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province'(2003-01-05)
Sodium percarbonate production by the continuous dry way has been selected to the important projects(2003-01-05)
sodium percarbonate(2003-01-05)
SHANGYUCHEM achieved the 'Double Best Enterprise with Foreign Investment of 2001'.(2003-01-05)
Two of the products have been listed in projects of the National Torch Plan.(2003-01-05)
Government Awards Shangyuchem's Parnters(2003-01-05)
Shangyuchem Meets the Industry Giants(2003-01-05)

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