Code of Business

In retrospect of our history, we feel proud not only that we’ve achieved a fast and sound growth, but also our well-established reputation takes root in our customers, industry and the society. This reputation is an asset, just as real and valuable as our company, people and brands.

The company rank the tenth in scale benefit of the industrial enterprises in Shangyu(2003-02-14)
The Jiehua Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd listed the top 8 export companies(2003-02-11)
The company has achieved the ISO14001:1996 Certificate of Environment Management System(2003-01-05)
The company is appraised as the Grade A Creditable Ratepaying Enterprise of 2001(2003-01-05)
President Tao Huaxi has won the election as the director of the Zhejiang Non-gonvenmental S&TEA(2003-01-05)
We have achieved the 'Hi-Tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province'(2003-01-05)
Sodium percarbonate production by the continuous dry way has been selected to the important projects(2003-01-05)
sodium percarbonate(2003-01-05)
SHANGYUCHEM achieved the 'Double Best Enterprise with Foreign Investment of 2001'.(2003-01-05)
Two of the products have been listed in projects of the National Torch Plan.(2003-01-05)
Government Awards Shangyuchem's Parnters(2003-01-05)
Shangyuchem Meets the Industry Giants(2003-01-05)

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