The company rank the tenth in scale benefit of the industrial enterprises in Shangyu(2003-02-14)
The Jiehua Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd listed the top 8 export companies(2003-02-11)
The company has achieved the ISO14001:1996 Certificate of Environment Management System(2003-01-05)
The company is appraised as the Grade A Creditable Ratepaying Enterprise of 2001(2003-01-05)
President Tao Huaxi has won the election as the director of the Zhejiang Non-gonvenmental S&TEA(2003-01-05)
We have achieved the 'Hi-Tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province'(2003-01-05)
Sodium percarbonate production by the continuous dry way has been selected to the important projects(2003-01-05)
sodium percarbonate(2003-01-05)
SHANGYUCHEM achieved the 'Double Best Enterprise with Foreign Investment of 2001'.(2003-01-05)
Two of the products have been listed in projects of the National Torch Plan.(2003-01-05)
Government Awards Shangyuchem's Parnters(2003-01-05)
Shangyuchem Meets the Industry Giants(2003-01-05)