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Magnesium peroxide

Magnesium peroxide





 white or yellowish powder



 Active Oxygen, %


 Active Component (MgO2), %


 Moisture, %


 Bulk Density, g/L




Magnesium peroxide provides many additional benefits of magnesium, which are attributed to its capacity to release oxygen progressively when used as directed. Magnesium is an ideal carrier for the oxygen, since it is an antacid and alkalizes the gut fluid, enabling the oxygen to dissolve. Magnesium Peroxide progressively liberates the oxygen upon contact with the acids in water and also imparts a beneficial high alkaline reaction to water to which it is added. Oxygenated Magnesium has additional advantages over other forms – such as significantly greater mineral ionisation.

The majority of magnesium peroxide exported to the United States is used in the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract natural gas from shale. A small amount may also be used for soil bioremediation (to decontaminate soil).

Proper Shipping Name: Magnesium Peroxide
UN Number: 1476
Class: 5.1

Packing: 25kg woven polypropylene bags with inner polyethylene liner, or 25kg fiberboard drums